IN INNOVATION co-conspirators

Emerging from some of WarnerMedia’s arts and culture partners, as well as its industry relationships and internal collaborations, 150 is developing a mix of projects originating across theater, festival programming, museum, live event, and podcast mediums.

arts and culture partners
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MoCADA uses the visual arts as a point of departure for exploring new artistic production across a variety of disciplines, inciting dialogue on pressing social and political issues.

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Through live shows, a podcast, and workshops, The Moth promotes the art and craft of storytelling, while honoring the diversity and commonality of human experience.


The Pitch

This 150 partnership connects us to artists with rich, innovative stories targeting the innovative artistry and approach of Blackstar.
BlackStar Pitch showcases a group of artists, who pitch their works-in-progress to a distinguished panel of funders, executives, distributors and producers.

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South Pitch + Southern Producers Lab

This 150 partnership connects us to artists with rich, innovative stories targeting the culture of The South.
South Pitch: Artists across the American South have three minutes to pitch their next project by presenting their concepts or works-in-progress to panels of judges.
Southern Producers Lab is designed to bring together 10 artists from around the South for an intensive series of workshops, panels and creative mentoring sessions.


This 150 partnership connects us to innovative storytellers positioned at the intersection of multiculturalism and enlightened artistry. Through collaboration with Overstand, Urbanworld co-presents The Stand featuring curated artists who pitch developing projects to an industry panel for strategic feedback and funding.

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New Filmmakers LA

This 150 Partnership focuses on the NewNarratives initiative – an exclusive collaboration between 150 and NFMLA to uncover and propel storytelling that defies norm and expectation, changing the narrative through innovative artistry.


This partnership supports our exploration into scripted anthology podcast series, and enables us to provide a distinct universe for our emerging creators to craft engaging stories within, while aligning with our respective communities and serving the broader audience’s thirst for this type of storytelling.

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Pa’lante is part of HBO Max’s Our Stories to Tell banner, which puts audience first, celebrates diversity and the elevation of ideas. The newly launched initiative will help amplify multicultural stories and talent by highlighting underserved talent. Part of this promise includes a commitment to support Latinx creatives through a partnership with OneFifty, WarnerMedia’s initiative to curate, develop and invest in bold, fresh and compelling storytelling.