Ambitious Lovers

After a near death experience and a very public unraveling, comedian Tobias Neal navigates the murky terrain of Hollywood and the even murkier terrain of his own psyche as he wrestles with love while trying to reinvent himself.


Jazz meets Surrealism

  • During his latest, sold out tour, Tobias’s bus is involved in a terrible accident. His path to recovery propels him to put the pieces of his life back together and reinvent himself.
  • Further complicating matters is Tobias’s imploding love life: a hot and heavy romance with a glamorous, provocative hip hop star, coupled with intermittent attempts to romantically reconcile with his chic, intellectual, estranged wife.
  • Told in a stream-of-consciousness style that blurs the line between the present, memories, dreams and nightmares, Ambitious Lovers tells the story of one man’s herculean odyssey toward self-discovery.


Ambitious Lovers
I am
Filmmaker, jazz enthusiast, cultural worker,
knowledge seeker, family member,
friend, life artist.
I am constantly inspired by the magnificence, brilliance and resilience of Black folks.
Writing, directing, producing and distributing
my first feature film is one of
my proudest accomplishments and
biggest creative milestones.
Good old-fashioned persistence!
Song Selection
John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme"
Self-care ritual/routine
Being gentle and patient with myself and others.
What would you sell to tell your story?
An artist is constantly sacrificing in order
to protect their freedom to create.
I am no exception!
Ambitious Lovers
Ambitious Lovers