Desi (12) spends her days dreaming on the beaches of Boca Chica of becoming a famous singer but her goal is threatened by lies, the ever-presence of child prostitution, and the looming sinister betrayal from those who should protect her most.


Drama meets new fusion of musical rhythm

  • Feature-length narrative shot in the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic
  • A young protagonist's evolution using a new fusion of musical rhythms and her voice to address child prostitution
  • Spotlights the power, depth and authenticity of stories told by and for women
beach and female


I am
I'm a forensic psychologist, animal and nature lover, storyteller.
What would you sell to tell your Story
The trust and passion I have in my project would make me sell any of my possessions, even those things that have sentimental value like the house in which I grew up.
I am inspired by fearless day-to-day heroines , common in our society. those who are not aware of the positive impact they are bringing.
Self-Care Routine
Meditation, mountain-hiking.
How would Your Friends Describe you
Someone who takes action, committed, persistent and authentic