Desperate for change after death and loss, Hazel, 40, a biracial-Jewish woman impulsively throws herself into a project of travel and letter writing. She converts a 1970’s camper van for her 2000 mile journey from Washington State to Oaxaca, Mexico. Along the road she writes 100 handwritten letters, posing the question “what is love?” like a personal ad to the universe. Hazel leaves letters anonymously to be discovered by strangers, attaching only a photo and a PO box address to write back.


Y tu mamá también meets Stealing Beauty- Romancing the Stone meets Thelma and Louise

  • Death and loss drive Hazel, 40, to take a solo road-trip of discovery to Mexico.
  • She writes 100 anonymous love letters, dispersing them along the route in hopes that they’ll be found.
  • Dear Stranger is a journey of heartache and discovery, and ultimately learning how to fall in love with your own life.
Dear Stranger


I am
Artist, storyteller, Image weaver, maker, immigrant daughter of diaspora, lover and friend
Currently, what most inspires you?
Human idiosyncrasy, the peculiar, non-conformists and vulnerability. Waves and boulders, mother nature's jewels and the tiny details. Expression without boundaries, bravery and living bold and wild.
Who is your favorite book and/or author and why?
Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Pablo Neruda changed my world. Magical realist thinking and the possibility for words to paint a picture that transports you and explodes your heart and mind.
Where is your dream travel destination?
Fiji, Patagonia, really any Spanish speaking country
What’s your go-to “pick me up” song?
It's a little embarrassing but - musicals really make me smile