In a futuristic world where white people, animals and water have nearly disappeared – a Native Latina and an AfroLatina must decide if they should save their child with an illegal heart transplant harvested from the bodies of migrants.


Crime Thriller  meets Sci-Fi

  • A sci-fi feature film exploring what it means to have Queer Trans Black Indigenous People of Color (QTBIPOC) in positions of power and prominence in a future where human history has been rewritten
  • Two QTBIPOC protagonists face moral choices and questions around family loyalty, a deeply ingrained sense of duty, and the debts of our past.
  • They face the imminent death of their child who needs a heart transplant, unless they participate in an underground world that exploits the bodies of migrants women.
Image of a skeleton


Harvest shot
I am
a queer tía,
chocolate addict,
parent to a four-legged,
Two-Spirit Xicana friend,
die-hard Viola Davis fan,
nature lover (minus mosquitos),
Louise Erdrich-Toni Morrison-Octavia Butler-James Baldwin book collector.
The courage, resilience and honesty of our QTBIPOC YOUTH.
I am most proud of co-founding AdeRisa Productions and running our sets with holistic protocols, including a Spiritual Elder. Next year will mark our 10th year anniversary as an indie production company dedicated solely to QTBIPOC/ LGBTQ+ stories and characters with an emphasis on Xicana/x, Mexican, and Latinx cultures.
I can make myself fall asleep!
Beloved Book
Love Medicine  by Louise Erdrich.
Dream Destination
The Taj Mahal without tourists.
Self-Care Ritual
Gathering and practicing ritual with my Two-Spirit circle friends nourishes my spirit. It keeps my 'self" care connected to collective care model.
Two kissing
Hand with crystal ball