New Majority

Diana, an idealistic community organizer is hellbent on building a new political party with her spurned activist friends. They travel the country organizing campaigns in hopes of electing candidates who can deliver on the promises that other established political parties can’t keep.


High Stakes Political Satire  meets A "Welcome To My World" Comedy

  • This pilot is a 30 minute, single-cam comedy with an ensemble cast, led by a diverse, strong female lead character
  • Set in the post-trump era of the political world and still plagued by anxiety, these new faces emerge from the rubble to confront what is left standing to build what they hope is a better future


I am
A born and raised New Yorker from the West Village,
Progressive Political Organizer,
Director, Comedy Writer,
and Producer.
Stories of perseverance, courage and resilience from funny people and creatives who have had to overcome challenges to share their talent with the world.
Shooting my first short comedy film will always be a great creative milestone I'm proud of.
Strong Instincts - I can predict the future.
Song Selection
Anything Beyonce, really.
Self-Care Ritual
Comedy is self-care! I often listen to and watch stand-up performances for inspiration and for my own self preservation especially during these dark times.