PORTRAIT: The Merging of Art and Science

Portraits is a cinematic docuseries presenting untold stories of people who, because of race, class, and gender, are often made invisible


Archaeology meets James Bond meets New Media Portraiture

  • Presents extraordinary portraits of extraordinary people
  • Documents their work and life through a unique media technology: underwater photogram, large format photography or a hybrid of analog and digital
  • Makes these invisible stories visible, bright and bold by digging deep into what drives them, revealing an intimate vision transporting us to their world and allowing us to see our world anew


I am
A dreamer who never lost hope. quiet, loyal, great story-teller, complex, creative, unusual, dreamer. Tengo pasaporte de Soñador.
5-Word Mantra
Believe the power of dreams
Painted a mural named "Hope - Esperanza" in Soho NYC for the 2020 black lives matters movement and the piece was featured in the Museum of the city of New York.
Visualization, this is the first step in making dreams a reality.
What would you sell to tell your story
I would sell my motorcycle to go an adventure where I get to discover culture, landscape and people.
Favorite Book
“Portrait of an artist as a young man” by James Joyce. It was the first book that I read at a young age where I discovered the power of visualization
Dream Destination
Center of the Universe
Song Selection
Siembra by Ruben Blades