An origin story about a sheltered black teen that becomes a street-wise vigilante when he witnesses the shocking corruption of the local cops.


Afro-futuristic super-hero story meets high school drama.

  • A lonely Black teenage boy who longs to be accepted by the cool 'hood kids. But they think of him as a nerdy mama's boy who can't hang and reject him.
  • But when Gregory inadvertently videotapes the police beating and framing one of those kids, a chain of events leads to him eventually transforming into the BOOGIEMAN.
  • Gregory Lyon is now a vigilante who protects the hood from a corrupt police task force who takes its orders from local billionaire white supremacist HARLAN KROKUS.


I am
I'm Black, Dad, Jamaican, New Yorker, Composer, Political-junkie, Film-junkie, Music-junkie, Artist, Son.
I'm most inspired by watching my eldest son explore his passion for filmmaking and finding his own tribe in high school.
Super Power
To smell BS
Favorite Book
Between The World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coats
Dream Destination
Back to the Italian coast!
Song Selection
Day One by Hans Zimmer