The Basement Play

Set in early 2018 against the backdrop of a troubling new American politico-cultural reality, the geographically-scattered Nowakowski siblings find themselves back in their white, working-class hometown for the first time in a long time. Paul, the proverbial “troubled middle child,” hasn’t been back since the death of their father over fifteen years ago, an event that’s left him and his siblings confused and disillusioned about the very place they come from. As their narcissistic mother is quick to make clear, they have not been brought back here to rehash the past; no matter her protests, though, the truth will find its way, however painfully, into the light.


Bourgeois Tragedy  meets Absurdist Dark Comedy

  • A full-length work for the modern stage
  • A meditation on race, family and the identity politics of place
  • An examination of the necessary shift in the role of the white male in the American power dynamic


police line do not cross
I am
An Ally,
Queer American,
Societal Malcontent,
Pandemic Nomad,
Little Brother,
Proud Uncle,
Artists of all kinds, everywhere, believing the worth of their expression.
When I first outlined the story for my play, I quickly felt how loaded it was for me, on a personal level, because of how connected the story was to past personal and family trauma.
Thinking--and like many superpowers, it has a light side and a dark side.
Song Selection
Dollar  by Electric Guest
Self-Care Ritual
I begin each day's work with a series of focused breaths into each of the chakras, from root to crown, sealed with an Om.
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