Fly Girl

After being mistaken for a Millennial, a 42-year-old, Vietnamese American, recently-divorced single mom (size 12 or size 14 depending on carb intake) gets cast in a hip-hop dance troupe called the Fly Girls. But when she discovers she’s the chubbiest Gen-X single mom in a crew of thin, child-free twenty-somethings, she must overcome her insecurities to become the dancer she’s always wanted to be.

Comedy Feature

Coming of MIDDLE Age Comedy  meets Romantic Comedy = Mom Com

  • Spotlights the most underrepresented superhero of our time – the single mom.
  • Fresh, modern, meaningful coming-of-MIDDLE-age story for the 42-year old Vietnamese American woman in all of us.
  • Heartfelt comedy that explores identity, empowerment, self-discovery, and transformation.
Fly girl scene


Fly girl
I am
Devoted mom & wife,
daughter of Vietnamese refugees,
curious Pisces,
screenwriter, playwright, actor,
Southern woman (New Orleans + Austin),
goofy friend,
lifetime student,
recovering lawyer.
Anything that creates momentum, from baking a cake to telling a good joke.
Recently I quit my attorney career to commit to a creative career. I now have a feature film, scripted series, and musical play in development.
Cooking food before it goes bad.
Dream Destination
I just binge watched FBoy Island on HBO Max. Let’s go to that island. But instead of FBoys, we’ll invite contestants who want to join my new crew of Golden Girls.
Beloved Book
Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. It truthfully explores the creative life and inspires you to write from the deepest part of yourself.
Song Selection
Beyonce’s Church Girl.
Self-Care Ritual
I like to walk and listen to podcasts about writing because I am a nerd. Also, I like to take naps – shout out to Tricia Hersey and The Nap Ministry!
Fly Girl
Fly Girl