Four very diverse Hispanic women living in Los Angeles enjoy the city to its fullest while trying to juggle their Latin heritage and pursuing their American dream.

L.A.TINAS is about what it feels like to enjoy success in a foreign country where so little is expected from you. The storylines will tackle relevant issues such as sexuality, femininity, racism, friendship, and heritage.


Grounded Comedy  meets Girls' Drama in L.A.

  • A half-hour dramedy that explores the adventures of being an outsider from that culture
  • Incorporate traditions in a completely different country and make the best out of both cultures
  • Showcases the trendy scene of Los Angeles, think “Entourage”, but through a female Latino eye which will be a whole new experience
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Zen mom,
Karaoke Queen,
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helpless romantic.
It's going to sound cheesy, but my 15 month old son. Seeing the world through his eyes is the most inspiring and thrilling feeling in the whole world.
I was very proud of producing and self-financing with my husband a passion project of mine, a short I wrote "After Life Vacation". We had very limited everything; money, time, crew. But we were able to pull it off. It was important for me because I kept giving priority to my job and putting aside my own projects, so being able to dedicate the time and energy to my first creation was very special.
Always seeing the cup half full.
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Walking on Sunshine  by Katrina & The Waves
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Veronica Decides to Die  by Paolo Coelho.
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Calling my girlfriend once a day to catch up and vent about life.
Latinas on set
Latinas on set

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