Trans Los Angeles: Period

Trans Los Angeles is an anthology of four stand-alone short films with the unifying theme being that all four feature a Trans character in the lead and they all take place in Los Angeles. This is Period, starring Carmen Carrera. Make sure to scroll below for a sneak-peek.

The aim here is to showcase and highlight the rich diversity that exists within the trans community, because unlike a long held misconception, being trans isn’t a one-size-fits all.


Italian Neo-Realism  meets Art House Indie

  • Trans experiences of four vastly different trans characters
  • Showcases and highlights the rich diversity that exists within the trans community
  • Being trans isn't a one-size-fits all
Trans LA


Trans LA
I am
A trilingual Dominican Bronxite,
Photographer, Ardent NY Knicks/Yankees Fan.
My love for living and succeeding.
I am extremely proud of my decision to write TRANS LOS ANGELES: PERIOD after having been filmmaker for twenty years and encountering nothing but rejection after rejection.
A Never Ending Supply Of Determination.
Beloved Book
The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told To Alex Hayley
Dream Destination
Song Selection
Laugh Now Cry Later  by Drake featuring Lil Durk
Trans LA
Trans LA